I Don’t Love My Country

Here’s a very interesting discussion at Opino Juris, of a piece by Brian Tamahana. 

For many reasons, I feel fortunate to have been born in the United States, but I don’t love my country. It has no love for any of us. A cold, manipulative, object of affection, the state fans patriotism, then asks those who love it deeply to prove their love by dying or sacrificing their limbs for it. It will not happen in my lifetime, but I look forward to the day when states are no more.”

Brian Tamahana.

Note that Tamahana suggests nothing better if we were to actually dissolve states.  

Personally, I believe there are sacrifices that one makes out of moral duty that can benefit’s one’s country, and that such sacrifices are extremely important.  Abraham Lincoln is one example.  I don’t believe that many soldiers who act bravely in battle did so in vain, as the argument suggests.  You know, I see a lot of Nietzsche in this comment as well; not exactly a fan of democracy.   

What concerns me is something else, though.  It’s not that the left is any more pro-communist nor pro-socialist than it traditionally has been in my opinion, merely that it is more disordered and rudderless, and the democratic party will have to unite it.  This, in turn, will dictate much of the political scene, and what’s possible.

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