Lions and Backstreet Boys

No, you won’t see the backstreet boys reunited here, and then put in a lion’s den.

This is Kevin Richardson, a guy who gets pretty close to lions, especially lions he’s known since birth.  

I’ll bet you have to be someone very in the moment and attuned to your senses to work with predators that have such deep instincts to kill, and can kill you so easily.  

Sadly, as I found out writing this, Kevin Richardson, is also the name of one of the Backstreet Boys.

One thought on “Lions and Backstreet Boys

  1. I know, he has a charity den in Lexington, Kentucky. He is also under-rated as far as vocals, his looks, mind, and dancing goes. He actually used to be a dancer teacher, waiter, and Eric/Aladdin at Disney World, at least when I met him at 8. But that is going on 17 years now. But, he was nice then and really sweet then too, but now he is just like every loser from a football team that is a jock. He is egocentric, controlling, mean, and BSB has become a joke in so many ways from what they were even just 5 years ago.

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