Global Warming: It’s Hot!

Come and see how the debate is going.  Make sure you read the comments.

Dr. Heidi Cullen, who runs the blog, has been very committed to the idea that global warming is an imminent threat, and that economic and political action should be taken immediately. 

There seem to be a lot of people dedicated to criticizing her because of her tone, including right-wingers, but some others are actually interested in debating the claims. 

It’s become a bit of a spectacle, and that is sad.  In fact, they might want to re-think their mission statement over there, and focus on the evidence they have, and be more open to criticism.

Note to self:  Beware of those who wish to either blame or control the “media.”  It’s a refrain for people who won’t think through their own ideas, left or right.

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