Am I A Libertarian?

Before, I posted a limited critique of both parties, or mistakes people who end up voting for both parties can often make in their thinking.

The Libertarians?

Well, there’s Ron Paul.   Like many libertarians, he’s enough a part of the establishment to make political sense.  I am refreshed every time I hear a public criticism of our government being too large, and I admire his career.

Like many libertarians, though,  he’s out there just far enough that I get worried he’s too committed to ideas that may be logically inconsistent, and not always politically feasible.  He’s been an outsider for a long time.

If actually elected, we’d be goverened by a tiny, chaotic, suddenly powerful group of people who’ve never had many of their ideas practially applied, and that doesn’t sound pretty.  A more sane Ross Perot maybe?

Anyways, here’s a political test (updated link).  Maybe I’m not a libertarian after all.