Al Gore will save us!

Here is a link to an article by Frank Furedi in the spiked review of books.  It’s quite good.

He examines Gore’s ideas fairly thoroughly, so I don’t have too much to add.

Typically, when politicians write books, they’re boring, topical and well…..political.  They’re worse than reading policy, because while policy is dry and boring and hugely consequential, books about policy are often not consequential and you have to bask in the politicans’ persona.  Half the intelligence, twice the ego.   

So what gives Al Gore his sanctimonious attitude?   Well, as the article points out, he believes in the ignorance of Americans, that this ignorance runs deep, and that they must be helped, preferably by Al Gore.. 

It’s the media’s fault!  It’s the republican’s fault!  

It’s anybody’s fault but Al Gore’s, of course.  Like Gore I believe ignorance is the rule, not the exception.   I admire his career, his service, and the wisdom he no doubt gained from it.

However,  as Furedi points out, Al Gore’s ideas are part of the problem.   Maybe Gore could actually doubt the positions he holds, examine the inconsistencies…anything…instead of adopting the pose of righteous crusader.   It just seems like he should get away from politics, let the past go, and maybe then do the little he can to make the world better, now that he is out of office.

Note to Self: Beware of people who want to control the “media”, left or right;  they’re unwilling to think about their own ideas. 

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