Andrew Sullivan on Hillary and Obama

Here is a link to Ann Althouse on Andrew Sullivan’s recent Obama v. Hillary post.

I like Sullivan’s blog, and it’s easy to sit in judgment, especially on a blog so visible and so well done. 

Sullivan, as he claims to be, is a true believer.  It’s one trait among many that gives him uncommon depth.  He is often refreshing with his mix of Oakeshottian conservativism and Catholic faith, British upbringing and American citizenship, homosexuality and fiscal conservativism!.  

However, Sullivan adamantly supported the war, and now he adamantly wants the Bush administration out.   He’s adamantly against Hillary as a person, and pro-Obama for similar reasons……right now, anyways.   He has been honest about his mistakes, but I can’t help thinking he’s going to make similar mistakes again.

If it’s faith in God that leads to such positions, then it’s likely he could ask more of his reasons as he puts them foward.   And if it’s faith in God that leads him to such positions, it’s likely he won’t ask more of his reasons as he puts them foward.

Addition:  Because it all goes back to God, you see.  Who can sort that out? 

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