If This Is Progressivism…

Matt Stoller, of Open Left, made an appearance yesterday on bloggingheads.  Click here for the link.  A quick summary:

1.   Apparently, America will go through four transformative periods. These are the Revolutionary period, the Civil War, The Depression……and the one we’re headed towards…”Massive institutional fights period.”  Happily, Stoller is ready to define and participate in this period. 

2.  Stoller is working to make the internet available for all citizens, hopefully so they will become progressives like him.  This could be useful…..  Here’s some advice to Stoller:  People will likely eat your food and throw out the box.  But work away, work away…

3.  The media is clearly not representing the work he does to unify people, nor his progressive views.  Therefore, they are corrupt.

Well……if this is progressivism…. 

The Same Note to Self I’ve written twice already:  Beware of people who want to control or blame “the media”, they are not willing to think through their own ideas.

Addition: Althouse has more on progressive loopiness.

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