Slummy Mummy: How to be a bad mother

Here is a link to Katie Roiphe’s Slate article. This topic is serious, very serious. It’s about morals, and art, and being a mommy,  or “mummy,”  as the case may be.

So, here’s the first line of the article: “I have nothing against a light summer novel. In fact, I like a light summer novel….Still, I can’t help but think….”

So, as I join this discussion, I’d like to add: “I have nothing against an article about a light summer novel. In fact, I like an article about a light summer novel…Still I can’t help but think…”

1. Britain is echoing some of the cultural changes that we had here about a decade ago. (The book is British).
2. The British will probably wake up soon and realize they’ve been following Americans around in cultural matters.  A certain percentage of them won’t mind this realization.
3.  Arguing that “Moralism is bad in books” and that the people who read Slummy Mummy should go read Betty Friedan is pretty moralistic.


I suspect most moms will do fine without reading the book, the article, or my post about the article.  Such is life.

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