Camille Paglia

Like H.L. Mencken, I suspect that one of Camille Paglia’s greatest influences is Nietzsche

Her criticism of art seems genuinely useful, and she has pointedly described the problems that face liberal arts education in the U.S.   She also has a sharp-tongue, and it’s good to see English departments, (and various other spritualists)  get taken to task for their excesses and failures. 

I would truly enjoy seeing her on her own show or with a more steady job than the one she has at  No one has a finger on American culture as well as some deep and complex ideas like Paglia. 

My biggest problem with Paglia, though, is the lack of sustained, reasonable arguments that methodically support her ideas.  I’d like to see her take that extra step.  She’s always making the same mistakes (wild generalizations, snarky asides, personal characterizations) as the people she criticizes.  In my mind, this can push someone with with serious and deep ideas into the role of entertainer, or spectacle.

A fascinating spectacle, though.  It’s good to have her around.

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