Nietzsche: There is No Morality

If you have read Nietzsche, and I think many intelligent people are attracted to him, then here are some conclusions you might have drawn from his thinking as I have. Correct me if I’m wrong:

1. There is no morality. Humanity has mostly been sick; Christianity especially. We are full of laws and ideals that divert valuable energy into dead codes. The highest men among us follow the values created by the “Ubermensch,” or Overman. This overman has yet to appear, but leads humanity indirectly by creating new values.

2. Christianity is a religion that from its very founding was a morality of slaves. It is full of “ressentiment”, or something akin to creating values out of weakness and resentment.

3. Even Plato and Socrates (Pre-Christian Greeks) were products of a similar sickness, or the decline and decadence of Athenian life. They became, as he puts it, “absurdly rational” and made a cult of reason to counter the decay around them.

In my opinion, in Nietzsche’s favor we can say: He lived as though there were no morality. It may have contributed largely to his madness, but he truly stuck to his idea. Nietzsche also uncannily saw the coming failure and decline of German society into aggression and two world wars, therefore, it may be possible to “see the future” by merely living outside of a society according to deep principles. He also wrote very, very good German.

Against Nietzsche I’ll say: He may have been more of a failed artist and genius level thinker than anything else, miserably sucking much that he didn’t understand into his own thought. He admirably stuck to that thought, and may have made new thought, but he passed over science and mathematics, as well as much good political theory, and everything esle he would have likely identified as “the cult of reason.” This is not nothing, and I highly recommend finding what else is out there.

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