From the Economist: Republican Malaise

Here’s a quote from Andrew Sullivan’s page:

Quote of the day from The Economist:

“The Republicans have failed the most important test of any political movement—wielding power successfully. They have botched a war. They have splurged on spending. And they have alienated a huge section of the population. It is now the Democrats’ game to win or lose.”

Insightful, but it’s quotes like these that make me want to run to the Libertarian party. 

…So you see, there’s two teams in town, Democrats and Republicans, and they’re playing this game, see, and the rest of the Americans are in the stands…

Thanks, Economist, you’re a fine publication, but I’d prefer not to be watched from up there and placed into reductionist thinking quite so easily….don’t spread yourself too thin.

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2 thoughts on “From the Economist: Republican Malaise

  1. I agree that the Economist is achingly traditional in taking the ‘horse race’ perspective on politics. This stance is so habitual for ‘professional’ journalism at this point that most major publications seem to consider it their the only legitimate way to report on American politics. Anything else sounds naive, idealistic or uneducated to the ear of the editors – and probably to most of their readers.

    I wonder though, what stance in reporting on our national politics would be both economically feasible for a business like a newsmagazine and also more inviting of engagement? Are there any good examples?

  2. Paul, thanks for reading.

    Economically feasible and also more inviting of engagement? Hopefully, that’s what decent blogs can do, many of which are free for the time being…though I suspect many of the probems with papers will become the problems with blogs.

    I think the Economist has a global scope, touching on one issue of an entire nation’s economy, and then moving on. It’s the nature of the beast. I would say go local if you want engagement.

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