Global Warming: Andrew Revkin on Bloggingheads

Andy Revkin, of the New York Times, appears on Bloggingheads to discuss Global Warming.  It’s a sane, insightful discussion.  A quick summary:

1.  He’s been writing about global warming for twenty years, and he’s probably the best person I’ve seen discuss how this issue is reported

2.  Revkin thinks global warming is as much an energy issue as anything else.  He’d like to see more research into alternatives.   Underlying this is his belief that current oil, coal and gas reserves (including nuclear plants, not enough of them) are not sustainable in light of global warming research; while solar and wind technologies are inefficient and unreliable as they stand.  He also seems capable of understanding many of the economic issues (pressure on politicians, for example) without censure.

While I’d still like to reserve the right to doubt global warming in its entirety, I recommend it because it’s a good discussion about a potentially important problem.

Here’s a quote:

“…a light broke upon all natural philosophers. They learned that reason only perceives that which it produces after its own design; that it must not be content to follow, as it were, in the leading-strings of nature, but must proceed in advance with principles of judgement according to unvarying laws, and compel nature to reply its questions.”

Immanuel KantPreface to the Critique of Pure Reason

Addition:  He’s a reporter at the New York Times, and he’s managed not to lose sight of the science involved, and the bigger picture.  That’s something.

Update:  Watts Up With That has more here.  Perhaps he needs to question more deeply and keep taking a look at the evidence.

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