Men and Women? Women Are Clearly Superior

There’s not much to say about this article, really.   There seems to be good statistical evidence suggesting the higher occurence of both genius and retarded males.  Larry Summers, however tactless, might have gotten fired in part for telling the choir what it didn’t want to hear.

You can wrap many lifetime’s worth of experience into observations about the sexes, and really, you can end up revealing more about yourself than anyone else.

My opinion (I suppose my revelation) is that much feminism based on the assumption of equality between the sexes is doomed to failure.

It actually focuses less attention on the similarities between men and women, because it does not allow for the differences.

It’s bad thinking and I’m currently waiting to see what will take it’s place in the limelight.   

Hopefully something not too dark and reactionary…

Addition: A quick summary of some of the address’s main points:

1.  Women value intimate relationships more so than men, and many women will make such choices in their personal and professional lives.

2.  Men likely have a deeper evolutionary reason to take risks:  it leads men to possible reproduction.  Baumeister suggests that only %40 percent of men have had this opportunity.  Most (biology and nature as the reasons) cultures see men as more expendable, and thus men try to prove themselves in a world of limited resources.

3.  Men form a larger network of shallower relationships.  This is a key component to culture.

Interesting, right?  Someone’s standing up to the idealogues and sloppy thinkers? 

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