The New King (of Pop) County

Those of you not from Seattle may not have heard about this.  They’ve renamed and “rebranded” King County.  Click here for the new image. 

Originally, King County was named after William R. King, who was elected as Vice President, but did not serve due to ill-health (tuberculosis).  He also owned a plantation.

The original reasons for naming the new territory after William King were somewhat self-interested (as wikipedia reports, to curry favor), but it’s a little unsettling to alter the historical record in such a way.

All else aside, and continuing with this line of thought, I hereby propose a new King of King County:  The King of Pop:


In a few decades we’ll realize the true depth of his contributions.  He has touched millions of people through his music and throughout his life. 

(Thanks to the Taoist Secret for the pic)

Addition:  R.I.P.   I really hope no one in King County takes my suggestion seriously now.  Andrew Sullivan has found a Mike Kinsley article from 1984, discussing Jackson’s talent and the fantasy bubble he inhabited that many, through their greed, supported.

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