Reno Man Takes Down Mexican Flag With Army Knife

Here is an interesting short video from a news station in Reno.  Thanks to Drudge for the link.

A man walks up to the flagpole standing above a Mexican bar, cuts the Mexican flag off, and takes the American flag with him, saying “they’ll have to fight me for it.”  He passes the owner and another man who stand silently….watching.

This man, who looks directly into the camera, states his name and reasons for cutting down the flag (to his credit).  I’m thinking of a hundred ways he could have handled the situation better, least of all handling the Mexican flag back to the bar owner, or just letting the law take care of it.

According to the story, the owner claimed he had recently replaced both flags and decided to put the Mexican flag on top to celebrate his heritage.  He apparently broke a federal law unknowingly.

So, it’s also National Hispanic Heritage Month, in case you’re wondering.

I’m looking at both links I’ve put up, the educational, pro-diversity fact list and this angry veteran’s actions, and seeing a bit of a disconnect.  I’m probably not the only one.

The diversity and equality ideas have been stretched pretty far, and do not contain enough clear thinking and defense of good ideas that give me any confidence the political channels will be able to solve this well as they probably could. 

This reminds me of a link to Bloggingheads I posted a while back.  Daniel Deudney might shed some light on the situation.

Addition:  The man, Jim Brossard, may actually be facing legal action for what he did. 

Addition: It is apparently not illegal to fly the Mexican flag above the American flag.

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2 thoughts on “Reno Man Takes Down Mexican Flag With Army Knife

  1. BS! Navin some of us Vets are DAM! tired of the direspect for the American flag by some in the Mexican community. I saw this and more comming way back,Hisipanics Americans need to fix this perception only they can!

    Pro Patria!

    PSan Old Nam Vet!

  2. Thanks for reading.

    Well, we both might agree there is a problem, but I think a better solution might be trying to solve it without disrespecting the Mexican flag, or possibly breaking the law.

    Why? The depth of character this would demonstrate, (the fact that we are a nation of laws and willing to use them, or make new ones, or review the old ones) would show our strength, not our weakness.

    It’s asking a lot, but this is America, right?

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