Naomi Wolf’s New Book On Fascism

Here is a link to a speech given by Naomi Wolf at the University of Washington in Seattle, and here is her new book.

Her argument, as she says, is based largely on her “reading”, not on her limited experience in government nor actually living in a fascist society.   She does not attempt to apply arguments that can be found here, for example, to her own thinking.

Wolf is arguing that all fascist governments have these ten things in common, and surprise, surprise, they all apply to our current government!  Wake up, people!

No, she’s not a historian…she’s not known as a political thinker…nor for her rigorous analysis….

She’s a writer, where unfounded metaphysical claims and even amoral thinking can be in service of beauty, and truth.   Though, in this case, mostly to vague political ideas whose time has yet to come.

Can’t you just feel it?  Click here, and your college, university or rotary club can feel it too.

Apparently, Naomi Wolf is satisfied to be in service of neither art nor clear thinking.

Addition:  Of course clear thinking and art aren’t mutually exclusive.

Another Addition: Althouse has a post about Wolf working for Gore. 

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