Theodore Dalrymple In The City Journal: Atheism’s Problems

Here is the link to Dalrymple’s article, which claims that the new round of atheists, (or at least some of the  current spokesmen of popular atheism) are glossing over the deep metaphysical questions surrounding the existence of God.

If one is going to study science for example, one’s metaphysics or religious beliefs don’t matter so much.  It’s only when scientists, or in this case anyone else (by not understanding or not honoring the intellectual tradition from which they come) attempt to address the depth of the God arguments do they often fall short.

Many religious people are often thrilled that a successful scientist is also a Christian.   Many athesists wish deeply that what they believe is true, and that they should rather smugly attend meetings and have their beliefs echoed back.

Isn’t the desire to believe, perhaps in a God, precisely what is questioned deeply that creates new boundaries of knowledge?

Isn’t one of the reasons people leave the church the defunct metaphysics?

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