David Horowitz Escorted From The Stage At Emory

It’s tough to defend David Horowitz for his arguments alone, though they deserve much more credit than many leftist groups on campuses give them.  Here’s a link covering a recent speech of his as part of IslamoFascism Week.  

Horowitz seems satisfied to stir up controversy, and also opportunistically challenge (and bait) the lack of reasoned debate that some factions at college campuses display.    He thrives on making anti-academic arguments while visiting academies.

Horowitz is smart enough to realize that PC ideas at universities are stretched pretty thin.  Many college students suspect that equality arguments go only so far, (link to where an interesting Thomas Sowell essay can be found), and that arguments for freedom lose their luster when supported by actions that do little to show responsibility for that freedom. 

But David Horowitz?

Addition:  Here’s a recent post about what some leftist groups may have in common.

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