Andrew Revkin In The NY Times: Global Warming Moderation

Andrew Revkin is the NY Times global warming reporter and he’s able to keep the science in mind amid all the intense idealism and desperate desire to believe in global warming that surround him.

And that’s just at the NY Times!

In the video piece that can be found here (updated), he argues that the debate is finally centering itself.   

1.  Revkin is helping to make space enough to discuss the position moderately.  Maybe it will allow more people to think critically and openly about oil, the benefits and drawbacks.

2.  He suggests that there are two poles of global warming positions that are not helping the discussion….Michael Crichton’s State Of Fear for example, and Al Gore’s movie.

Yes, that’s right.  Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, is being portrayed as holding an extreme position by the NY Times.  

Thank you for keeping a cool head, Mr. Revkin.

As before, I still reserve the right to be skeptical about global warming in its entirety, so I don’t entirely agree with Revkin that global warming is happening at the pace he suggests. 

Here’s a quote I like to keep in mind:

“…a light broke upon all natural philosophers. They learned that reason only perceives that which it produces after its own design; that it must not be content to follow, as it were, in the leading-strings of nature, but must proceed in advance with principles of judgement according to unvarying laws, and compel nature to reply its questions.”

Immanuel KantPreface to the Critique of Pure Reason

Addition:  Here is Revkin with Fred Guteri and Jeffrey Kluger on Charlie Rose

Update:  Maybe he’s not accurate enough:  Watts Up With That has more.

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