Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty

Dove sells beauty products; and it seems they also wish to combat the way that advertising works for all beauty products.  Dove claims the industry:

1.  holds up very high standards of beauty…

2disproportionately uses highly attractive women to move its products, thus distorting the expectations of young girls everywhere.

First, one might ask, if Dove sells beauty products, and it wants to regulate the market to reflect different standards (even these somewhat “altruistic” ones), isn’t the very definition of beauty exclusive, and so doesn’t Dove’s authority on the matter come largely from its market success in promoting and adhering to ideas of beauty?

In addition, I thought part of the absolute foolishness and impracticality of fashion shows was to fuel creativity and innovation; to demonstrate that a few fashion designers may actually be artists in a world of necessity, utility and merchandise. 

Personally, I predict they will profit in the short-term by successfully co-opting “democratic” and “equality” ideas into their branding.  They’re a solid company.  As for the long-term:  good luck getting between a woman and the idea of whether or not she’s beautiful.

Addition:  There’s a Dove Self-Esteem Fund as well.   When does a lack of dealing with contradictions become actual hypocrisy, anyways? 

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