Metroblogging: Seattle’s Art Scene. Is There An Art Scene?


Photo found here with a short defense of Seattle’s art scene.  The post suggests that one of Seattle’s strengths is it’s forgiving and inclusive public, which allows a lighthearted approach and a spirit of independence and individualism to thrive.

Skeptics can easily say that the forgiving public is essentially an immature and uncivilized public, and Seattle is an outpost which hasn’t yet grown up enough to produce the conditions for a deeper conversation (and tensions) that will shape its artists into something more.

Though, it’s art, after all, so who knows?

See alsoVideo of the event here at SuttonBeresCuller.  Watching the inane T.V coverage, you can guess one reason why they might have done it.  As for the castaways, the anchor line broke on the island, and they were towed back to land.

Addition:  There is also a left-of-center political philosophy that over-encourages creativity (in my opinion) and can damage an artist’s actual path toward making something lasting and more profound.

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