The Weather Channel’s Green Blog: A Little Too Green

Apart from the many things the Weather Channel does well, there are a few recent developments you may have noticed there.  The first is that they are trying to compete in the television market with flashier, more provocative writing and an emphasis on “personality.” 

The second, and perhaps more important is that they have embraced “green” thinking. Here’s their green blog.  The correspondents write from a strongly idealogical viewpoint on everything from technology to politics to fashion.   

Of course, this will likely incite skeptics and those of different political stripes and political philosophies (yes, I find the blog’s goals to often be more political and cultural than scientific) to more strongly resist the good arguments, data sets and research that suggest global warming may actually be happening. 

Ah well…..

See also:  the Heidi Cullen Junk Controversy Not Junk Science discussion to get you started.  Be sure and read the comments.

Climate Debate Daily is a page where a less politicized, deeper discussion seems to be taking place.

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