Roger Sandall: And Back To Plato We Go?

As to the previous post, I wonder if artists, romantics, poets and dreamers (idealists of all stripes) who give up their art or are compelled to re-examine their ideas aren’t susceptible to pursuing the same idealism within politics.

Sandall knows of where he speaks regarding romanticism. He is essentially an artist and film-maker, and it’s tough to imagine an artist in the Western World who hasn’t been influenced by Romanticism. Perhaps also in his experience of pursuing aesthetic beauty, narrative and storytelling, he can illuminate the plight of the Aborginal quite well.

Is it the relation with one’s desires that can determine the limit of one’s ideas?

It’s a matter of debate, and I’ll put this quote up, found here:

“This also meant that the artist is two steps removed from knowledge, and, indeed, Plato’s frequent criticism of the artists is that they lack genuine knowledge of what they are doing. Artistic creation, Plato observed, seems to be rooted in a kind of inspired madness.”

by Rickydavid

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