The Newseum Opens On The Mall: More From The Weekly Standard

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I’d like to think the Newseum would focus on the humble, but noble role, a good journalist can play.

Andrew Ferguson, at The Weekly Standard might agree, but takes a more cynical tone:

“It’s pretentious and absurd, but it’s poignant, too, and, in its way, kind of inspiring. The Newseum is a proof of the inextinguishable hope that forever rises in the breast of every journalist, the long-shot bet that if we just keep asking questions, if we just keep talking and scribbling away, there will always be an audience that needs us, and always someone willing to pay–if not $572 million, then at least 20 bucks a head.”

Here’s a photo of the First Amendment on the Newseum’s facade:


Addition: If you’ve already been, tell us what it’s like.

Jack Shafer at Slate has more.

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