Highbrow Timewaster

1.  American poet Wallace Stevens looks at clouds:

On The Manner Of Addressing Clouds

Gloomy grammarians in golden gowns,
Meekly you keep the mortal rendezvous,
Eliciting the still sustaining pomps
Of speech which are like music so profound
They seem an exaltation without sound.
Funest philosophers and ponderers,
Their evocations are the speech of clouds.
So speech of your processionals returns
In the casual evocations of your tread
Across the stale, mysterious seasons. These
Are the music of meet resignation; these
The responsive, still sustaining pomps for you
To magnify, if in that drifting waste
You are to be accompanied by more
Than mute bare splendors of the sun and moon.

2.  Which might remind you of Dover Beach, by Matthew Arnold.

3.  Which could possibly remind you of this disturbing eccelesiastical fashion show from Fellini’s Roma:

4.  Which might perhaps remind you of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor Scene  from the Brothers Karamazov.

which might remind you of…

…Nietzsche’s proclamation that God is Dead?  Christianity is empty in the middle?  21st century art needs some new ideas?

A non-existent prize for your best suggestion.


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