Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty: Pascal Dangin And Aesthetics

Selva-Real women in Hong Kong?

“Real” beauty in Dove’s opinion is distorted by commercial advertising and high-end fashion magazines.  Most models are already known for their ideal looks, but after the photo shoots, people like Pascal Dangin re-touch, cut-out, stylize, and alter them.

This kind of thing, Dove claims, presents an impossibly narrow ideal.  It creates “self-limiting” norm for impressionable young girls. They’ve even created a self-esteem fund.

In the New Yorker, Dangin admits to having worked for Dove, applying some of his techniques (with heavy use of mathematics and computer graphics) to touch-up their photos.  You know the kind.

Another Dove photo here.

Regardless of his motives, Dangin considers himself an artist and what he does a pursuit of aesthetics.

It’s surprising why he wasn’t an architect or software designer…some field where the pursuit of beauty through mathematical form isn’t directly applied to fashion, or a woman’s desire to be beautiful…

Is it a French thing?

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