David Sloan Wilson At The Huffington Post: Atheism As a Stealth Religion

Here’s his first post and here’s the second.

From the first:

“The new atheists hate religion for causing between-group conflict and especially for its wanton disregard of the canons of rational thought. Yet, both of these problems extend far more widely than religion”

Agreed.  Also…

“The new atheists will need to display a virtue typically associated with religion–humility–if they wish to join this enterprise.”

Yes, they will, if they wish to honor the free thinking that helped create the intellectual roots of their atheism….but what enterprise would that be?

“…the circle of cooperation…”

Is there something about evolutionary biology that appeals to liberalism?  liberals to evo-biology? liberals to less objective fields of science?  Karl Popper seemed to think evolution wasn’t a science, but why were Popper and the Vienna Circle so interested in a radical empiricism in the first place?

Or does politics have nothing to do with science unless we insist that it does?

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