Brazil’s Roberto Unger In The Chronicle Of Higher Ed

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Does anyone know more about Unger?

He seems to have roots in Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and even the romantics.  I’ve found that some Latin American thinkers are animated by a deep progressivism as they try and negotiate with the success of more conservative traditions (American and European legal, political, philosophical).

Law, in any case, struck Unger as just one “terrain” for institutional imagination, and his CLS work as “a subordinate part of my general intellectual project.” Primarily, he says, he cared about “the imagination of alternatives in the world.”

Oh boy…but still…he’s a deep thinker.

Latin-America also tends to have a non-Reformation Catholicism (Spanish) influence and not as strong of an Enlightenment influence either.

That’s my hubris.

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