Low European Birth Rates In The NY Times: No Babies?

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Is there a crisis in Europe?  Maybe, maybe not.  There are low birth-rates, however.  The article suggests one of the reasons in Mediterranean countries is their half-step toward modernization:  More women work and have educational opportunities yet the old Catholic traditions remain in place.  This produces an economic crunch on all parties involved.  

Of course immigration is sometimes offered as a potential solution.  However, it’s often overlooked that immigration is probably more of a threat to smaller, more stratified European societies then it can be in America.  This might help explain some of the extreme rightist political support lately (where a potentially violent nationalism united with racial identity lurks). 

See Also:  This weekly back-and-forth between Kerry Howley (libertarian) and Kay Hymowitz (social conservative) in the L.A. Times, in which they discuss fertility, the family, American culture, low European birth-rates etc…

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4 thoughts on “Low European Birth Rates In The NY Times: No Babies?

  1. Yes, there is a demographic disaster coming on. Due to good life, holistic pension systems, high level of knwledge and peace the birth rate is dwindling in Europe.
    Europeans are to lazy to multiply themselves and invent any kind of excuses to avoid having children. Average birth rate in Europe is 1,3 to 1,4 children per woman. In order to survive the minimum is 2,1 children per woman.

  2. Europe has to radically change the political system. The European political system can not cope with the long term questions. No politician can stay alive politically if that politician pushes demographic questions. The demographics are far to important to let short-eyed politician take care of these questions. We need a body that will have a 25 year work span and that can not be removed by greedy politicians that want to ues the money now to please their voters.
    Subsidies do not work. Only a tax that hits the persons that choses to live without children, will do the experience shows. If they have made this decision, fine let them pay for it. Why should Europeans governments continue to steal skilled labour from other countries just to gain votes from ego-focused lazy infantile voters that are afraid to grow up and take responsibility.
    Only 2 to 4% of the population can not have children. The rest 96% to 98% is due to obesity, smoking, VD s, new chemical substances that castrates men, and the most important reason. People do wait to long until the start having children. The average age in Stockholm is 37 years for women having their first child. The persons really having medical problems should recieve medical care as soon as possible.
    Each country in Europe should be obliged to keep the minimum level of 2,1 children per woman.
    USA has told Europe this many times but old Europe is stubborn and blown up.
    The long term economy is totally depended of a birth rate of minimum 2,1 children per woman. The European companies are blind folded. They don t dare to touch this question. The MD of Ericsson. Mr. Carl Henric Svanberg tried for a while, but if faded out.
    If you have funding send us an mail and let us put together a working comittee to find solutions. We have already research covering some of the important areas.
    Anna Sanday

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