More From Bloggingheads: Are You Pro-Abortion, Or Pro-Choice?

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Sex, casual sex especially, has consequences.  As Brian McLaren points out, ultimately, on moral grounds, no one’s really pro-abortion.   I think he’s right about this.   Yet both men here have roles as religious leaders, and ground their thinking in the Bible and church doctrine.  It’s not just deep moral thinking they engage in…it’s the word of God.  This means you ought to be prepared to submit your independence of mind and will at some point.  In fact, neither would likely be having this discussion if others didn’t defy such thinking… 

Yet, the pro-choicers and secular moralists (sex ed promoters, largely big government supporters of dealing with the consequences of sex and casual sex) have their own rigidity in defense of abortion and freedom of choice.  They too bring economic, moral and social wisdom to the table, but they too also bring naivete, rigidity, ideological extremism and tunnel vision regarding the consequences of sex and casual sex.

No wonder abortion’s such a central and divisive issue. 

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