Charles Murray At The American: Are Too Many People Going To College?

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You’ve probably had the thought that not everyone can go to college.   You’ve also likely been thinking that not everyone can be in the middle class (major driver of the mortgage loan crisis?).  Often, you hear people praise equality and diversity as the highest goals…but…clearly not everyone is equal and diversity is not a goal to be pursued unto itself without broader context.  There are limits.

However…it’s pretty clear that everyone getting at least a fair shot at a better life is a central concept to our republic’s survival…and no matter how smart, creative, independent, rich, or well-educated you may be you’re likely dealing with this idea (and its consequences) on a daily basis.

I like many of the ideas Murray raises:

“More people should be getting the basics of a liberal education. But for most students, the places to provide those basics are elementary and middle school.”

…but I still wonder at the end game…philosophy, education, politics, political philosophy?

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