From Althouse Via NPR: Emanuel Njoku, Housing Speculator–Inane Misplaced Sympathy?

Althouse’s post hereNPR’s story here.

Is NPR really sympathetic to Emmanuel Njoku, a Nigerian immigrant who was wheeling and dealing during the housing bubble and devaluing the houses in the neighborhoods where he purchased?

As for NPR:

1.  When does your moral concern for others become a laughable parody of your concern for a set of ideas you really want to be true? (thus serving your own naive idealism and your own desire to feel good about your moral concern)

2.  When does your moral concern also conflict with your motivations to say, appeal to a mass audience, so that you can keep your job and compete in the radio market (with some public funding)?

3.  When does your thinking become sloppy enough that you potentially reward the very type of selfish, reckless and “optimistic” behavior that helped get us into this financial mess

Maybe, as the comments at Althouse suggest, NPR is hip to all of this, and is merely presenting Njoku with enough rope to hang himself…

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