From Bloggingheads: Anne Marie Slaughter And Stephen Walt

Full discussion here.

What’s first for the Obama administration? 

1.  The Economy  2.  Iraq   3.  Afghanistan  4.  Iran  5.  Nuclear non-proliferation….?

A good discussion.  I suppose we all have are own interests to protect, but Slaughter’s green thinking might be pretty wishful (as much to do with Princeton politics as with global politics?).  Walt’s push for Obama using all of his (Obama’s) political capital on a two-state solution seems to be serving his own interests.

We have to be a little more clever, and better players on the global scene.  A friend pointed out there’s as much possbility for creating havens for the noble and ignoble in the Bush administration’s foreign policy (the Axis of Evil) as there is in anti-colonialism (Robert Mugabe).  Maybe, maybe not…but something to think about.

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