From Bloggingheads: Jon Chait Not Convinced By ‘The Grand New Party’

7:00 minute discussion here.

If you have high hopes for Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam’s new book, and a more independent, reformist Republican party, you might want to keep hoping Jon Chait notes.

RealClearPolitics reviews Grand New Party here.

For my piece, the democrats have won, but clearly there’s lack of consistency in the party’s ideas (a bailout for the automakers and carbon credits?) I’ll maintain my skepticism and let the idealists and ideologues be used by the politicans thank you very much (of course this seems to be the fate of all true believers in politics…). 

Is there a case to make but Douthat and Salam just haven’t made it well enough?

George Will may still do it better.

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