A Few Thoughts On The FATA Region Of Pakistan

– It’s tough to see how any US foreign policy decisions could effectively address and ameliorate the freedom fighter/holy warrior code by which many local and non-state actors currently live in the FATA region.       

 Do we continue to justify killing them with our military force if they pose a legitimate threat to our security?  Do we try and generate a multi-lateral force to do so?

  Should we try and and drive a wedge between the locals and the non-state actors (if so, would the Bush administration’s definition of terrorism be sufficient to do so and how far does it extend?).

– How actively do we also try and allign our interests with the current/any Pakistani government in hopes of strengthening the Pakistani state (potentially killing such men with Pakistan’s military force, or better yet, having a unified Pakistan gradually censure the extremists reasons to be?).


– In addition, there’s not just a nuclear threat by non-state actors involved here, but also a nuclear threat by state actors…India and Pakistan…that we have to negotiate. 

See Also:  A Yale Page On The Foreign Policy Challenges we face there.  A good article linked to here originally published in the Christian Science Monitor. Philip Bobbitt Discusses His Book ‘Terror And Consent’ On Bloggingheads

Addition:  The Atlantic has a piece about Samuel Huntington’s recent death and life’s work.

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