Slavoj Zizek In The New Republic: Responding To Adam Kirsch

Full post here.  (the link is now Kirsch’s response to Zizek, other links unavailable temporarily as TNR update its page and lost its links)

Kirsch reviewed Zizek’s In Defense Of Lost Causes in a New Republic piece entitled ‘The Deadly Jester.’

Zizek has responded at the link above, and Kirsch has responded back.

I have my doubts about Zizek’s analysis of his own foundations, but he is a pretty deep thinker.   Kirsch was writing in a magazine of the American political right (amended).   He probably went far enough to engage Zizek, but not far enough to dispute some of his deeper arguments…

The New Republic is on the left/center left which can publish ideas like Kirsch’s (wikipedia)…

Also On This Site:   A brief review of the review here:  Adam Kirsch In The New Republic On Slavoj Zizek: The Deadly Jester

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2 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek In The New Republic: Responding To Adam Kirsch

  1. The New Republic is a liberal or centre left apparatus, in so far as that means anything in the American media establishment.

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