More On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Western/Non-Western Forms Of Government?

Here’s an offering on the Huntingtonian idea of a rift between West and let’s call it…the non-West:


America and Iraq

1a.  Our decision to pursue and protect our own interests and spread our own vision of democracy in Iraq (formed and being formed by our own intellectual, political and religious traditions…and which has met the Iraqis mostly through military force)…

can be contrasted with:

1b.   The reality of the conditions on the ground in Iraq we’ve in part helped to create…the actual will and desires of the Iraqi people…the intellectual, political and religious traditions and conflicts of these people which have formed and inform the present.


Israel and the Palestinians:

2a  The Israelis are pursuing a very Western form of government in a non-Western part of the world with a long history.   They are [living] in what they see (and many Muslims agree) as an existential threat.  They are also pursuing and protecting their political, intellectual and religious traditions through their democracy and use of force through military action. 

2b.  They have helped to create many of the conditions on the ground in Gaza: (attacks which kill civilians during military operations, a lack of basic necessities including food and medicine, and limited range of freedom and autonomy among others).    The people of Palestine have democratically elected Hamas…and while Hamas does provide social programs with the Palestinian people in mind…it publically refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist,  and seeks to protect what it sees as its social, religious and intellectual traditions through force and violence and a rather frightening charter.

Israel does not recognize the legitimacy of Hamas, and refuses to deal with it, and thus (presently) the Palestinian people through any legitimate government.

It should be mentioned that some see the Huntingtonian map as too limiting in its depths…and I don’t know how much justice I’ve done it here.

Addition:  Anthony Cordesman’s smart analysis at CSIS.

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