Repost-Giordano Bruno In The New Yorker: The Forbidden World By Joan Acocella

Full review here.

Where mysticism, metaphysics and heresy meet?

“In this system, there were three main ideas:


“an infinite cosmos, consisting of innumerable heliocentric worlds”…


“that the universe was a vast, wheeling, unknowable thing, and that all theories about it, including his own, were not descriptions but merely approaches—“models,” as we would call them today.”

None of his ideas were completely original, apparently, but they were advanced, and woven into a metaphysical system that directly challenged chruch doctrine.  The church was not pleased.  In her review, Acocella also claims:

“Whatever else Bruno was, he was wild-minded and extreme…”

This also seems to have contributed to the church’s decision to burn him at the stake. 

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