From Foreign Policy Via Arts & Letters Daily: The Idiot’s Guide To Pakistan

Full guide here.

After reading, I’m still a little confused.  Our most clear interest is in preventing the region from becoming a haven for those terrorists who seek attacks on civilians around the world (a place from which a potential terrorist attack on U.S. soil couldn’t politically be allowed to happen, let alone morally if there was knowledge aforehand).

Yet, we have a porous Afghan/Pakistani border, tribal and ethnic loyalties as well as conflicts, a corrupt Afghani government next door, the Taliban, Al-Quaeda in the mix, the Pakistani military (with divided loyalties),  a weak Pakistani government with nuclear capabilities and a hatred for India…

Promote economic development in the face of extreme poverty, lack of education and violent militias seeking pure religious rule?  Engage and try and stabilize Afghanistan with the military and then…?

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