Nigel Warburton On His New Book About Free Speech

2 min introductory video here. (book can be found at the link)

I get a lot of comments from people who think that philosophy’s not good for much, and often I agree.  Maybe it’s best for clarifying one’s own thinking, and through that clarification offering insight into a central and divisive issue:

The divisive issue here is free speech, especially in Europe (it can get you killed) and has become a flashpoint between Muslim immigrants and European natives (where national and racial identity can be violently united).  

Do we want absolute freedom of speech or absolute anything for that matter?…How does a civilization deal with the often unwise, incendiary ranting that comes with it?  Who decides what the limits are?

Worth a look.

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Martha Nussbaum may be asking the question:  How do you create a civil society that does not place religion above a concept of the moral good, yet that also does not pursue the moral good while zealously excluding religion?  Repost: Martha Nussbaum Channels Roger Williams In The New Republic: The First Founder

I’d like to answer that question without theories of distributive justice please…I don’t think a big bloated government helps in the long run.

Also:  From The Atlantic: Samuel Huntington’s Death And Life’s Work

Tempe Library Free Speech Zone Sign by Scrap Arcs

by Scrap Arcs

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