From Marc Ambinder At The Atlantic: The Health Care Surtax And Its Discontents

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“But we’re starting to see the risks for Democrats. Health care that raises taxes on the wealthy will galvanize opposition. That may be a small price to pay for something like universal health care, but it is a price nonetheless.”

Universal health care, or some version of it, requires a tax upon the wealthy.  This redistribution of wealth will be overseen by the government.

Health-care as it stands is widely agreed to be inefficient and in need of fixing. There is also a profound moral argument involved…one of the deeper ones that affects us all.

Once fixed in place though , no matter how well or not well it’s working, this will be very hard to change.  It will become part of the furniture.  It will a political football, played for gain, maneuvered around in every self-interested way possible, and even surprisingly unselfishly for brief moments.  It will help save lives, and there will be success stories, but there will also inevitably be corruption, trading and selling of services, abuse and fraud.   It’s a generational change.

Is this the best way forward?  Have the Democrats made the case that that this is the best solution to the health-care problem?

More On The “Kennedy-Dodd” Bill here, which includes a copy of the bill and some potential consequences.  No thank you.

See Also:  From The New Yorker: Atul Gawande On Health Care-”The Cost Conundrum”

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