From The WSJ Weekend Journal-Theodore Dalrymple: “Man Vs. Mutt”

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Dalrymple makes some reasonable points:

“The one kind of reform that America should avoid is one that is imposed uniformly upon the whole country, with a vast central bureaucracy. No nation in the world is more fortunate than America in its suitability for testing various possible solutions”

but Dalrymple also admittedly has a stake in the claim:

“I also want, wherever I am, the Americans to go on paying for the great majority of the world’s progress in medical research and technological innovation by the preposterous expense of their system.”

Agreed. There’s a lot of European free-riding.  Also:

“I mistrust the fact that, while those people who work for commercial companies (rightly) have to declare their interests in writing in medical journals, those who work for governmental agencies do not do so: as if government agencies had not interests of their own, and worked only for the common good.”

Indeed.  The debate is heated.  The left, politically, is framing the debate and steering the conversation.  The right is flailing, and seems ideologically defensive.  

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2 thoughts on “From The WSJ Weekend Journal-Theodore Dalrymple: “Man Vs. Mutt”

  1. It is important that we make sure that these types of events are broadcast by the media. We need to make sure that the American people see the entire debate – the pros and the cons.
    Open, honest and complete, that’s coverage we must demand.
    This is two important for ANY side of this debate to hijack it, to paint the others as thugs, terroists, or worse Nazi. If we cannot have open debate on an issue of this importance, what is the Bill of Rights about? Freedom of Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech — they cannot be just words on a piece of paper.
    Now is the time to cash in what we have fought valiently for and memorialized in every monument to our fallen soldiers, at Arlington National Cemetary and many of the other institutions such as VFW, American Legion and the like.

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