From Ambinder At The Atlantic: Potter Stewart’s Afghanistan Triumph

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Interesting quote:

“The goal now is to defeat Al Qaeda and stabilize the region.  Americans — and Democrats in Congress — are very wary of region stabilizing. It suggests, in essence, imperial command over a chaotic area — the assumption of responsibility for an interest that isn’t clear, and the sacrifice of American lives because other countries can’t get their priorities straight.”

It’s reasonable to be wary I think.  Here’s Holbrooke from a speech given at and reported on by NYU Law on Oct 17th, 2008:

“The Bush administration did not level with the American public about the long-term nature of this war, and the next American president must,” he said. “If it matters to us, we have to hunker down for the long haul.”

I don’t envy him.

See Also:  From Commonweal: Andrew Bacevich “The War We Can’t Win: Afghanistan And The Limits Of American Power”… Anthony Cordesman and fellows have a report here, entitled:  “Resourcing For Defeat-Critical Failures In Planning, Programming, Budgeting And Resourcing The Iraq And Afghan Wars”

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