From Clive Crook At The Atlantic: A Pre-Speech Memo On Healthcare

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A long post:

The new administration started with two main goals, each eminently worthy. The first was to widen access to health insurance. The second was to curb inflation in healthcare costs. For reasons of political feasibility, it then accepted two constraints. The first was to say that existing arrangements will be undisturbed for people-the majority, as it happens-who are content with them. The second was to promise no increase in general taxation.

I’m still mistrustful of the moral worthiness of the goals, combined with the ideas of the left.  I’m worried what may be lost in the process.  But, anyways:

“In one way, Massachusetts shows that the Obama administration is right. Wider coverage does not pay for itself. Either costs must be forced down, or additional revenue raised.  Neither is easy to do.”

Keith Hennessey has a checklist here; worth a look if you’re worried about cost.

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