From Reason TV: Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch With Judge Andrew Napolitano

Full post and video here.

Both men suggest that, perhaps, libertarianism is the current heart of the conservative project with its continued focus upon individualism and limited government.   There’s been a tendency for Reagan, the recent George Bush, and of course now Obama to increase the government’s size and scope.   In fact, they invoke the spirit of Barry Goldwater in the search for roots.  It’s a little grandiose, but is libertarianism growing up (getting more mainstream credibility and creating a history for itself?) and dealing more and more with genuine policy problems?:

A commenter notes:

 “The problem with “returning to our Goldwater roots” — Goldwater never got elected president. The “roots” are all about a beautiful theory that’s never been tested in the crucible of actual governing experience.”

To be even more skeptical:  Is this a high-watermark for the libertarians…where do they go from here? 

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