From KeithHenessey.Com: ‘The House-Passed Bill’s Effects On Health Insurance Coverage’

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Surely you trust our government to control health-care costs by potentially extending coverage to 30 million new people…

Thanks to a friend for the link.

We’ll have to see how this plays out.

Another link sent to me:  Why am I complaining?  The health care bill meets many health care economist projections…this isn’t a intellectually confused left come into power and vastly expanding the role of government…it’s in the best centrist tradition to rein in our jerry-rigged system and control costs…:  Ron Brownstein at the Atlantic:  A Milestone In The Health-Care Journey.

Sure, if you say so…

Also On This Site:  From Clive Crook: Is Health Care Reform On Track?From The New Yorker: Atul Gawande On Health Care-”The Cost Conundrum”

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