From NPR: Richard Holbrooke-‘Strong Support For Afghanistan’

Full interview here (audio and transcript included).

While he points out that there may be the broadest support he has seen from the international community in many years for a campaign (and I think correctly identifies the stake we all have in this decision), he didn’t exactly inspire confidence when it came to Afghan corruption and sanctuary:

“In the past, there was no real follow-up or oversight on these things, and we just have to hope there’s going to be now. Not hope, that’s not fair. We can’t just hope. It’s our job and we would do a better job than our predecessors; of that I’m sure.”

I still give credit to Obama for recognizing what needs to be recognized, as his policies unfold.

Aside from the military campaign (and the troops which need full support), perhaps this isn’t necessarily a Huntingtonian clash of civilizations (do we need a new framework?)  nor certainly not as many radicalized Muslims would like it to be:  a religious war.  This seems to be as far as their anger and vision extends.

Hopefully without simply working towards a naive humanism we can come up with ideas from military engagement and use of force to get ourselves in more leveraged situations, and meeting on the points of contact with better understanding.

CSIS has more here.

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