From Via A & L Daily: Kevin Mattson On Michael Berube’s ‘The Left At War’

Full review here.

Berube is a professor of cultural studies at Penn State:

On one level, Bérubé is merely acknowledging an intellectual debt to Hall, who is best known as a founder of the cultural-studies movement in the academy. Bérubé, after all, teaches cultural studies at Penn State, andThe Left at War is part of a cultural-studies series he edits for New York University Press.”

Well, it’s not really a surprise that a cultural studies professor has written a book about the radical left (one more reason not to become a cultural studies major, in my opinion, due to the overt politicalization of the field).

“To readers I say: Engage Bérubé’s arguments, skim the block quotes that come almost every other page, and then skip the stuff on Hall (unless that’s your thing). You’ll rejoice that there’s such an intelligent and even-minded critic of the left who takes his principles seriously enough to challenge those who threaten to destroy them from within.”

It could be a useful book, if intellectually honest and accurate.   Though it could just as easily be used by those on the political right to know their enemy, and seek to destroy the left, for example.   So, on that note, how good are the reasons to keep institutionalizing such thinking?

Berube discussed his ideas a while back at Bloggingheads.

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