From The CSM: ‘WIll Pakistan Military Go After Taliban In North Waziristan?’

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Haven, and Pakistani cooperation, is an important part of our plan’s success.  Musharraf was playing both ends in this regard.  So, how far ahead of his people can you ask a leader to be?

Is this a problem that can be overcome by Pakistan’s government?


Also from the American Conservative Blog:  We really need to hold the administration accountable.  Has Obama’s logic already sought defeat…will that be the new line against him?:

“As it is conceived, or at least projected for public consumption, in order for COIN to work in Afghanistan –

1) The central government must be legitimate in the eyes of the Afghan people and willing to work hand in glove with the U.S military to pursue the campaign to its proscribed ends.

2) Afghan security forces must be trained and equipped and trusted enough by the civilian population to eventually provide security and to “hold” in the long-term any territory coalition forces can wrest from the “enemy” in the current campaign.

3) The U.S military must have trust (and assistance) from the Afghan civilian population in order to gain leverage over the insurgency and to build legitimacy for the government in Kabul”

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