Via The A & L Daily-Interview With Christopher Caldwell At Spiegel Online

Full interview here.

Caldwell raises some important points, and sheds light onto the Muslim immigration debate in Europe:

“SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is America more successful when it comes to integrating immigrants?

Caldwell: For now, yes. I think the first reason is the ruthlessness of the American economy. You either become a part of it or you go home. There are more foreigners in the workplace, and that’s where a lot of integration happens.”

It’s the economy, stupid.  But we also have an immigration debate problem of our own (about which I think the Republicans have the best chance to unify now with reasonable, hands-on compassionate policies from the grass roots).  The right sees the flimsiness of overextended multi-culti ideas and overly idealistic egalitarians…but I believe also needs to avoid over-reaction (protectionism and scare-mongering) in response.

There are genuine immigration problems to solve and small-business growth, economic freedom and economic opportunities (and neither Bush nor Obama bloated government solutions) may be the best way to address them.  We’re Americans after all.

Just my two cents to avoid the pitfalls of the kind of debate they’re having in Europe.

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